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Consulting Services

Global Technology Solutions is an established IT Consulting Company based North America , servicing clients nationally since 2000. From technical to strategic environment, we can help you move your business forward. We offer specialized IT Consulting on verticals including Server Consolidation , Server upgrading ,SharePoint development, Application Support, Software Development, Disaster Recovery & Network Performance.

Server Consolidation and Virtualization
Server virtualization and consolidation solutions enable you to:
Improve system utilization: Achieve faster ROI by increasing system utilization with almost unlimited no-cost virtualization
Shrink your data center footprint: Reduce space requirements with fewer, smaller, and more powerful servers for improved capacity and response times
Increase efficiency: Decrease power consumption by consolidating applications on fewer, energy-efficient servers
Simplify system management: Streamline operations and speed service deployments utilizing a cloud infrastructure

Software Application Development
Global Technology Solutionsis equipped to provide you an integrated Software Application Development solution based on your specific requirements. We combine business domain knowledge with technology competence and proven methodologies to deliver high quality results in a cost-effective manner to maximize your competitive advantage and productivity.

Security is paramount for any business and we make sure we offer you the right and most advanced IT consulting using Ethical hacking. In this process we test the vulnerability and risk factors of your IT infrastructure and provide you a report on the test results. Based on the reports, your network can be improved and well optimized with regards to security.

Disaster Recovery
It is essential for any business to prepare for any disaster in advance. Disaster can happen any time without notice but can be prevented or reduce the risks if proper precautions are taken. All successful businesses plan for disasters in advance. We provide IT consultation to plan, document & implement disaster recovery for your organization. We review your current network, applications & procedures in detail and provide plans and procedures to avoid or face disasters and overcome them with minimal or no impact on the business.

Network Performance
IT network is another very important aspect of business especially small and medium business who do not have their own dedicated IT support team to manage network issues. Due to growth in business, networks tends to grow in complexity. Therefore factors contributing to the network performance are on a rise. We do detailed analysis on your network components such as switches ,routers, Firewalls, Cabling, Servers, operating systems etc. to find means of improving IT Network performance. Depending on the application various methods can be deployed for improving the network performance.